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I believe that healing and emotional well-being are supported by strengthening our relationships and positive connections with others. When we can communicate our thoughts and feelings to those we care about, and then feel validated and heard, we are better able to thrive, connect, and be our best selves. Family therapy sessions are designed to help family members learn how to correct negative patterns, such as avoidance, or blaming, and replace these negative patterns with more positive and healthy interactions.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, guidance, and an insight-oriented approach, I help people work on the 'here and now' issues while also examining how past experiences may be impacting present problems. In order for people to take the courageous step towards making changes in their life, they need to feel a sense of safety, validation, and support, which are all elements I work hard to provide to my clients.

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  • Circle of Care for Families and Children (Passaic)
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