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Unity Foundation PLUS

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We are a youth and parent mentoring program that services families thought Passaic County in New Jersey. We specialize in mitigating emotional, behavioral and social issues that tend to destabilize homes and stifle progress at school and work. 

My name is Shawn Collins, founder of the Unity Foundation PLUS mentoring program. I am a 25 years veteran teacher, with a Master's Degree and currently pursuing a PH.D in Educational Leadership. I have built strong relationships in the community that help to integrate youth into society, while fostering a sense of independence when youth transition to adulthood! I have an all-star cast of mentors that I train in order to provide the best service for our youth. We pride ourselves on obtaining better academic and behavior outcomes. We also have a lot of fun while reaching these goals. Our activities include, but not limited to, bowling, playing pool, swimming, arcades/media centers, movies, community service projects, parks, basketball tournaments etc. 

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Last Updated: 06/20/22