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Teen Mentoring Program

(973) 564-1100 Ext: 3200

-Helping the youth develop confidence in his/her abilities.
-Striving to develop values, attitudes and behaviors which will conform to those in society.
- Motivating the student to complete high school and pursue further training.
-Assisting the youth and his/her family in working toward unity and cooperation.
-Assisting the youth and his/her family to receive the medical, economic and educational services.
- Helping to avoid situations leading to confrontation with the law.
- Coordinating sessions for teen and his/her parents.

Eligibility -Teenagers who are struggling in school, experiencing gaps with family communication, low self esteem, and at risk of anti-social environments. -Registration consist of an intake and assessment process.
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  • Adolescents
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Last Updated: 02/17/17