Community Resource

St. Joseph's Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)

(973) 754-2230

The mission of the PES/Screening Center is to assist any individual in resolving any crisis/conflict associated with psychiatric illness. Staff promptly evaluate clients in order to determine type of treatment required and arrange for the provision of such treatment in least restrictive setting as close to home as possible. The expectation is that the provision of services and relevant supports will result in resolution of the crisis.  

The PES/Screening Center offers immediate crisis intervention services, which are culturally competent, as well as service procurement to de-escalate client's distress and to help maintain or recover his/her level of functioning. Emphasis is on stabilization so the client can actively participate in the treatment plan.  

Treatment may take place in the form of face-to-face evaluation in hospital emergency rooms or in the community via mobile outreach, polycom video conferencing, or by telephone. All services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Duration of treatment varies from person to person but stabilization, referral, and linkage are achieved in every instance

Contacts: Tina Miles and Danielle Granados

Off-site: English and Spanish when available

On-site: English and Spanish; interpreter/language line for other languages

Medicaid billed only

Last Updated: 01/20/23