Community Resource

NJ Help Center

Our goal is to ensure that community members participate in decisions that affect their community and their lives. As a team the coordinators of this program educate and empower the community members through workshops, life skill groups, and education enrichment programs to help them understand the needs in the community (social, environmental, economic). There is a personal development coordinator, program coordinator, community outreach coordinator, and educational coordinator to assist families in their areas of expertise.


NJ Help Center assists families with completing a number of applications and they also provide ESL and CDL Prep classes. The staff, interns, and volunteers are fluent in Bengal and Spanish. Families are also welcome to come if they need assistance with translating letters. They are also working on a women support group.


Below are some of the applications that the center helps family with:

  • Immigration application preparation
  • Citizenship application and preparation classes
  • Green Card Application
  • Social Security Card Application                                                                                                      
  • Mortgage qualification
  • Food Stamp Application
  • Food Server Certification
  • Notarized Official Documents
  • Driver’s license Permit and application
  • Obtaining county/state identification
  • NJ family care and Medicare Application
  • FAFSA Application


Last Updated: 10/27/15