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NNJLS focuses on four core areas of civil law – housing, consumer, family, and public benefits. These are the areas in which our clients are most likely to develop legal problems which they cannot address themselves without the help of an attorney.

With experienced attorneys on staff, NNJLS works to ensure that clients do not lose their housing due to eviction or foreclosure; that they are not harassed by debt collectors or victimized by unfair business practices; that they and their families have fair custody and support arrangements in the event of separation or divorce; and that they can receive the public benefits and other forms of income support they need to maintain their independence and meet their daily needs.

NNJLS also has specialized programs in place to address the legal needs of veterans; seniors; survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault; students; immigrants; persons living with HIV or AIDS; formerly incarcerated individuals facing legal barriers to re-entry; persons experiencing homelessness; and residents experiencing poverty who have federal income tax issues (IRS).

Eligibility Prospective clients must meet eligibility requirements, including: income, assets, and legal issue (this is not an exhaustive list).
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Last Updated: 11/16/21