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Andrew Anderson at Positive Perspective Therapy

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Andrew Anderson at Positive Perspective Therapy

Hi. My name is Andrew, and I use a model of therapy called IFS. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, identity or social issues, or anger or shame, IFS can help. If you would like to have more calm, clarity, compassion, and connection in your life, I can help. If you want to gain more access to your truest, highest, wisest self, IFS is a wonderful tool. I have years of experience both as a teacher and a clinician.

I use IFS to help teenagers with avoidance, low mood, high anxiety or stress, social skills, independence, transition periods, perfectionism and overthinking, self-esteem, and behaviors.

I also have experience with adult populations of all ages, working together on depression and anxiety, anger and shame, and conflict and control.

I also have experience with young men and women with Autism.

My professional interest is to share IFS with clients who may have never heard of it, as well as with those who already know and love it. I am such a big proponent of the IFS model because it is unlike anything I have learned elsewhere. It is completely different from what you see on TV, and it’s not about the therapist giving advice. IFS is a journey inward for the client, where they can get to know (and heal) the many different parts of themselves. I can be your supportive, gentle guide.

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Last Updated: 02/02/23